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Hello! Long time did not write anything here. How would it not sound funny, but primarily it was due to a problem with the site. Alas, but at some point one of the plugin authors simply stop update plugin. So we had to look for an alternative.

Now a little bit about the upcoming changes.

Starting from 30.06.2014 the minimum subscription time will be six months (110 USD). This subscription will not be mandatory. You can use the old version with no time limit. But all updates and technical support will be only for subscribers.

Just in a short time, there will be new and exciting topics about protection, networks and other joys of life.

And one more thing. At this moment the active development of the current version of Launcher System/Anti-Cheat System stopped. We are already working on a brand new version of Launcher System/Anti-Cheat System. Transferring to the new version will be absolutely free.

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