Launcher system

Launcher System

This system is designed to update the various types of game or application software . First of all , this product is aimed at administrators / developers who want to add to your product module automatically updates . Using this system, you can flexibly and easily customize your product update , implement protection of critical files to clean up the client to display the statistics main servers and more. Special utility , which is included in the kit will help you to easily configure and subsequently localize Launcher in any language. Unicode support provides the correct processing of different text, such as Chinese or Hindi . Also, you can transfer files with any name and size with this complex. The system is fully automated and does not require constant interference in the work .


  • Supports various game clients. This system supports a variety of different games. As usual and MMORPG or network . For example MuOnline, RF Online, Lord of the Rings: The Battle for middle-earth, Counter-Strike , and others.
  • Additional support for some games. Some games have additional support. This means that you can edit the settings of the game using Launcher’a. Just made some extra features like a folding game. This support has such games as MuOnline, Travia.
  • Support standard software. Our complex fully supports both gaming and nongaming software . You can easily use this system for updating their own products .
  • The ability to change the external appearance. You can change the look and make it Launcher’a so how you see it . Available for more than 80 pre-designed templates .
  • Different modes of updates. The choice of available software updates for the various modes , each of which is intended for their own purposes . Use one that is more suitable to you.
  • Create different packs. With this feature, you can implement support for one product, but in different versions. Such as standard and premium version, the full client or lightened . Each package is not dependent on others and the user can switch between packages at any time convenient to him .
  • Various methods for updating software. Three methods are available software updates : through a web server , FTP- server or a direct download of files from the server.
  • Localization support. Using a unique tool, you can locate the Launcher to any language you want .
  • Complete data protection. All settings are protected. Critical configuration settings placed on the server side.
  • Client cleaning. You can activate the software by cleaning all the junk files, and built-in filter will allow you to leave the desired files, such as logs , screenshots , etc.
  • Unique protection. Every buyer gets a unique version of the product. It greatly enhances the overall security level.
  • Archiving updates. All updates are possible to transmit in archives. The additional analyzer allows you to send updates via archives only when it speed up the process of renovation.
  • Loading additional libraries. You can preload any number of dynamic link libraries (DLL) without changing the code of your product.

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