MuOnline Server Season 8 Episode 2


Description: This is a complex solution fully emulate MuOnline Season 8 Episode 2. This toolset includes all needed tools such as ConnectServer, DataServer, JoinServer, and GameServer. A distinctive feature is an emphasis on the optimization and improvement of the quality of the code.

Name: Season 8 Episode 2
Actual version: <non-versioned> will arrive soon
Programming language (IDE): WinApi\С++ (MSVC 2015)
License: Free
Minimal system requirements: Intel Xeon, 2 cores, 3,9 GHz, 4 GB DDR3, 20 Gb HDD, Windows Server 2008 and newer


  • 99% things of Season 8 Episode 2 works
  • Full emulation of all needed applications (ConnectServer, DataServer, JoinServer, and GameServer)
  • Database and procedure optimization
  • Depth code optimization with fixing fundamental architecture problems.


MuOnline Server Season 8 Episode 2 Client link will arrive soon


  1. Missing Client. What is that ? a project ? if you need a tester let me know.

  2. Do you have any s9 Project ?

  3. here is the client from this server, i think ts simply forget to add it to the post.

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