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This complex is a set of software to protect game servers. It is designed using a client – server technologies and provides protection on both the server and on the client side. We have developed special and unique heuristics to help protect your server from all sorts of breakups. Special technology allows blocking even the threats of which we are not yet known. Excellent optimization of both server and client applications will not cause any discomfort while using protection. The server side is designed in such a way that does not require the introduction into your application and will work with any software, even if it is protected by protectors or  packers. The complex is designed keeping in mind the possible DDoS attacks and will work even under high loads. When you purchase this product Launcher System is a gift!


  • Full integration into the Launcher System. Protection system is fully integrated with a set of automatic updates that significantly improves the reliability of protection and further allows the use of all the advantages Launcher System.
  • Lack of signature scanning. Most products use signature scanning is not rarely leads to problems with intrusion detection. We only use heuristic analysis to detect break-ins.
  • Special protection technology. Our technology can detect even mutated software through which the hacking.
  • Protection against spyware. We protect all personal data of players.
  • Anti-patching. New technology allows you to protect the target application from the external memory changes.
  • Anti-dumping. Special set of tools prevents the use of a debugger for removal dump the game client.
  • Self-defense. This complex has a number of technologies that can help to protect our product both on the server and on the client side of hacking.
  • Protection expedite the process. Heuristic methods can detect and protect the game client from the use of software that speeds up the process.
  • Detection of potentially dangerous programs. Protection detects potentially unwanted programs that can harm the balance of the game. Such as clickers, bots, macros, and other.
  • Client-server authentication. Each player takes the additional step of authentication on the server that checks the integrity of the protection on the client side.
  • Protection proxy. Also analyzed traffic between the client and the server on its integrity.
  • Traffic Protection. All game traffic passes additional protection.


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