Say goodbye

Good day. Probably everyone, but maybe not, interested in the meaning of this phrase… but above all, I want to say a few words about “how it was”.

We have come a very long way. The team was created back in 2007, around 28 of August. In those days we have people like goe, Luciano Aibar, Endi, DeathWay, eRRoR, Fenix, karrak, Sobieh, and others. It was a time of incredible things. We are witnessing history being written Mu community. Leaked Zolik Mu files, fixes in HEX editor from goe, first Season 3 Episode 1 from Luciano, first commercial project from SCFMT (Season 3 Episode 2), formation of IAT and Frienz Network, Valkyrie from the Holy (also known as Freya), legendary leaks from bbsleon, the first open-source emulator from Deathway and much more.

Also, we have experienced many other things .. eg collapse of Coderz Factory, IAT (Indian Assembly Team), SCFMT (the new name – TitanTech, but few people realize that they more than a year does not exist), the collapse of the Breath of Revolution (we all remember them as BoR).

Also, we are not stood on the sidelines. Our contribution is weakly visible in the international community because most of the time we spent in the Russian community. [P4F] Launcher System, Anti-Cheat system, MWC (Mu Web Clone), Connect Server Emulator, Season 3, Episode 1 Emulator, Season 5 Episode 4 Emulator, Season 8 Emulator (yes, even that was), and more.

At one time we tried to run the game server. First, it was the Season 3 Episode 1 based on server (which did Hybrid; he renamed it to later). Actually, the very technical demo can still be seen here. Then our server was based on RMST Julia and became over time Season 5 Episode 4 emulator. But further, we haven’t any technical demos.

Unfortunately, everything comes to an end. We did not get the support that we needed. We made several attempts to resurrect all … new website with mobile support, completely updated brand, expensive hosting, SSL certificates, FTP file server, thousands of hours spent on support and software updates, etc. but all attempts were unsuccessful.  But what is it all if no one comes to your site? When is no one waiting for updates?

After many hours of thinking (to be honest I thought about closing two years ago but still hoped to be able to pick it up), I came to the conclusion that it is time to take off the burden. Alas, in the past few years, it’s more like a burden. Just because we had customers, we continued our work. No pleasure.. no rest.. easy chore.

On that note, I just want to say “thank you” to those who have stayed with us until the end.

Good luck.



  1. Я не был вашим клиентом, да и в му давно не играю. Почитал и понимаю, как это больно видеть то, что с каждым годом, все меньше, и меньше людей в MuOnline, да и вобще в MMORPG, те что старенькие, сейчас либо переходить на что-то новое, либо, завязывать, ну когда есть столько опыта, даже не хочется. Мне очень жаль, что вы пришли к этому выводу, и сделали последнее решение. Удаче в дальнейшем.

  2. Your work is excellent and it is a shame that can not continue for whatever reason. I believe that you have to resurect all the project but mainly the AH system, just because they are plenty AH systems out there which are either too expensive, lack of support or doesn’t work properly. This business niche will never die, the server administrators are looking for something affordable, stable with a great support.

    Especially for the lower versions of Mu Online there is a huge problem finding such good AH like yours, and I do believe that after 10 years the old Mu versions will resurect and the players interest will get back on the line. Then to have a good AH system which support such files will become a great option for investment.

    Offcourse if you want to resurect the projects you should invest and go to the international market, have a great marketing strategy and probably investors.

    Merry Christmas!

    One happy customer,

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