What was done in 2014 year

Good day ladies and genteelness. After some pause, I’m glad to describe what was done in the 2014 year and how we improved our service and protection.

Anti-Cheat and Launcher Systems:
In the past year, we highly improved our protection and service at all. We published more than 20 updates (around 1.5 updates per months!). The core of Launcher and Anti-cheat was completely rewritten. And now I’m glad to say what we fully support IGC files (yep, they made a lot of tricks to prevent installation of our protection but we pass a long way to support IGC files, and we did it). Also, we start supporting TitanTech servers.

We also made a lot of changes on our web-site. Now, as you can see, whole site support SSL and you can surf/read/make payments without worrying about data thief. Also, the mobile version of our site was rewritten too, and now it fully supports every smartphone and tablet.

In the first quarter you saw what we post a lot of topics about hacking and protection, but in last quarter there was a lull. I wrote few articles about GamesServer’s architecture and depth analyze of modern emulators, but it need to be approved by some peoples because it can cause massive “holy war” :)

Thank you for staying with us!

Armored Team.

New 2014 year

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